Tattoo Appointments

I tattoo by appointment only in a private studio in Santa Barbara. Please fill out the contact info on this page for inquiries. 


Please fill out contact form with your ideas, include any info as far as placement, size, subject and photos that are relevent and my assistant will give you pricing info.


Due to time constraints I do not do in person consultations. A phone consultation can be scheduled but generally discussing via email is sufficient. 

Tattoo Designs

Occasionally I will have projects that I am looking to do posted on Instagram or in the shop page. These are usually floral arrangments and I will specifiy which parts of the body they would look best on. Every tattoo I do is custom and done only once. If you have an idea you would like me to design for a tattoo please fill out the contact form and include any specifics such as placement, color, photos, size and budget if you have one. Designs are not drawn ahead of time, they are drawn the day of or the day before the appointment. Designs will not be shown before the actual tattoo appointment. Any desired changes will be made the day of. 


 A deposit is required to book an appointment. Deposits start at 100 and come off the last session booked. I will not hold an appointment without a deposit. If you cancel within a week of your scheuled appointment another deposit is required to reschedule. Deposits are non-refundable.